Dog Walks

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If you’re isolating and unable to take your four legged friend out for a walk, we have a volunteer team ready to help you out.

Ursula has built a trusting relationship with Rosie’s owner while providing Rosie with regular exercise and the companionship she needs.

Rosie looks forward to the various walks which she is taken on thoughout the week, regardless of what the weather has in store on the day.

We are lucky in this part of the world with lots of lovely walks on our doorsteps and many of us are happy and able to do this as part of our daily excercise.

If you do find it difficult though, don’t let it add to your worry please do give us a shout by registering at or calling 01672 487022.

Also, if you need any advice on financial or well being subjects, our advice team is on hand with lots of links to local and national agencies. You don’t have to try to cope alone x.

If you need our help please make sure you have signed up with us at or give us a call on 01672 487022.

We are here for the community.

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