The Beginning of the end of Lockdown?

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This week has seen many of the lockdown rules being loosened and updated to allow us a little more freedom and to encourage England to go back to work, meet up with a friend and help vulnerable family members.

Scotland, as from 29 May will be starting to allow people to travel further, play a game of golf – keeping social distancing to the fore (no pun intended).

Wales is easing lockdown from Monday and is due to announce new rules on 29 May also.

This may seem like great news, however some of us are not that comfortable with venturing out just yet while most people believe we should only break lockdown when it is safe to do so.

This is a perfectly natural reaction to the last couple of months in lockdown and you don’t have to dash out if it’s not comfortable for you. Take your time. A lot of us think it’s too soon

If you are someone that has already gone back to work or extended your outdoor activities to include driving further afield, please be kind to those who don’t quite feel ready yet.

The advice for the over 70s is still to minimise contact with those outside their home.

The NHS website provides some tips to help with anxiety if you are feeling worried or pressurised at this time.

If you’re not sure what you can and can’t do do update daily, or you can ring (or email) our advice team at: Or 01672 487022.

We are here to help guide you through this.

The main point at the moment is still that at all times we should continue to observe social distancing guidelines when outside our home, including ensuring that we are 2 metres away from anyone outside of our household.

If you’d like any more advice or guiding in the right direction please register with us at and/or phone 01672 487022 or email

Our volunteers are working hard to help you.

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