Keep National Voucher Scheme to feed our vulnerable children.

PCA Daily News

The coronavirus crisis has left millions of people up and down the country with an uncertain future, struggling to make ends meet.

In England, 1.3 million kids rely on Free School Meals.

Since schools closed because of the crisis, the government has been using a voucher scheme to support them. Now, they are planning to take these vouchers away.

Parents know how important a healthy diet is for children – and for children from struggling families, these meals are a lifeline. Once school finishes for summer, these families’ kids get left behind.

In the long-term we need to tackle the causes of child poverty.

Right now, we need the Government to step up and make sure vulnerable kids don’t go hungry this summer.

Please write to our MP Danny Kruger and demand The continuation of free school meals vouchers to avoid facing a poverty pandemic in Pewsey.

His contact details are:

Renelec House
46 New Park Street
SN10 1DT

Or email: