Library Update

PCA Daily News

The online library just gets better and better.

Our library and tech volunteers have been working methodically and tirelessly – uploading our collection to the website.

The books are all up to date and now the games and DVD’s are on their way.

All products are sanitized before going out and after coming back in. So, if you fancy a new book, please take a look and see if we can fill the gap.

The link to access this is

A couple of our main librarians are back to work next week and we can’t thank them enough for all they have done in establishing this library.

Susie Hall and Lizzi Morral we wish you the best of luck in your jobs.

We know we haven’t seen the last of you yet though, and are confident that the library has been left in very capable hands.

We’ve had day co-ordinators going back to work as well and respect they have liked to keep a bit of anonymity but you have been outstanding too.

In fact, thank you to all of who have been, and are still involved in this community support group.

Together we can make a difference.

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