Food for thought…

PCA Daily News

It’s the end of the week and we have delivered some delicious home cooked food to some of our VIP’s and also some fabulous fruit to one of our schools.

On the menu tonight, cooked by our volunteer Laura (who is also the cook behind Mindful Bakes) is Butter Chicken and rice and that was followed by bread and butter pudding. We have Milly to thank for that! Do you think they’re trying to butter us up? Xx

Easton Royal Academy received their fruit platter today and really enjoyed the variety on offer.

I heard the pineapple, blueberries and cherries were a big hit with them!

We are true believers in healthy diets healthy minds. And, if anything, our recipients come away with some positivity thanks to the nutritious and tasty meals they have received.

For some, it’s a fruit they’ve never tasted before and for others it’s a meal they would have missed.

It’s not all as straight forward as some may believe.

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