PCA Daily News

We thought we’d share a written piece by one of our lovely VIP’s. Thank you it means so much x.


When Covid spread like dragon`s breath all throughout the land,

And down into our Vale

Pewsey Warriors rose as one, and rallied to call,

To protect us “Golden Oldies” and keep us safe and well.

So PCCA was born, we only had to make a call and help was on it`s way, whatever was needed.

Shopping, Pills or just a chat, every whim was heeded.

Books to read or plants to grow all came to our doors.

With a friendly smile, something so treasured and needed.

We are not all “Silver Surfers” or even want to be.

Locked down robbed us of all social contact; stripped away in one fell swoop.

Moral was low leaving us lonely and defeated, no sparkling eyes, no friendly smile.

No laughter to help us on our way; we need living people, not dead screens.

Now Phoenix like, they have risen creating a safe, secure place we can go.

Oh joy ! Oh joy! Thank you one and all.

With special thanks Brian and Shane on the morning of the 13th, for their special help.