Beware local Fraud Scams

PCA Daily News

We’ve been made aware that there are confidence tricksters operating in Pewsey and the surrounding areas, so please be extra vigilant about sharing details or money with anyone you don’t know.

The current scam involves a phone call purporting to be from the chief of police and/or fraud squad, telling you that your bank account is in danger.

They then proceed to drive you to your bank and request you withdraw large amounts of money and hand it over to them.

These criminals are very clever in gaining your trust and the banks are unfortunately not always picking up on it.

The police are aware and if you think you have become a victim of this please phone 101.

If you think your home is being approached by these fraudsters then phone 999 and expect a prompt service from the police.

If you are worried by any of this you can also contact fraud helpline who are open Mon-Fri 9-6 on 03001232040, or the Wiltshire Bobby Van on 01380861155 (or email at

Let’s look after ourselves and each other and keep reporting these crimes.