It’s Beginning to Feel a Lot like Christmas!!!

PCA Daily News

The Spirit of Pewsey was certainly noticed last night. What a great effort to keep everyone socially connected throughout this pandemic and even more so this Christmas. We hope nobody has to feel too isolated.

It was a brilliant community effort, bringing a bit of light into our village and a lot of Christmas cheer.

There were carols and musicians, jokes and laughter. Even mince pies and mulled wine! And don’t forget the lights!!

It certainly served the purpose of bringing everyone together to light up these dark nights.

Thanks to everyone for helping make this happen, and for all the villagers who turned out, made lanterns and kept their distances. It truly was a joint effort.

Lots of face masks and spatially distanced bubbles helped make this a successful event.

Because at the heart of it, was the notion of care.

We care about our community, we care about our neighbours, and with that care we can and we will stay connected.

For everyone who couldn’t make it there was even a live video, courtesy of Hallam Devine-Britten

We’re sure you’ll all agree that our village is looking lovely and festive.