Spring to Life

PCA Daily News

Pewsey Sprang to Life today kicking off with a brilliant impromptu flashmob line dance by shoppers outside the Co-op. Funny how the first Spring weekend puts spring in our steps. This was such a treat for those who saw it.

To avoid breaking any rules on social distancing, Spring To Life encourages creativity without attracting numbers. You will see or hear impromptu activities in the community which adhere to current Covid guidelines.

The village looks brilliant with artwork from all of our schools hanging in their windows. It’s such fun for our children to spot their pieces. There has been lots of effort and hard work so it’s amazing that our local businesses are happy to accomodate.

There was also drumming in the Scotchel today as part of the launch and it certainly added to the beautiful weaves adorning the trees. Such a good compliment to the nature of this trail. It’s well worth a walk through and you never know, you might chance upon it again.

Many thanks to all involved for making this happen – and it’s not over yet! There will be impromptu displays and exhibitions popping up over the next 6 weeks, all adhering to current Covid guidelines, so keep your eyes and ears open for some colour and fun.

And seriously our volunteers have worked so hard to pull this off for the enjoyment of all thanks again x