Buddy Crew News

PCA Daily News

With restrictions easing, meaning we can all start to meet up with our friends and family again it’s important to understand that some of us are approaching this more tentatively than others.

It has been a lonely and isolating experience for some, and at the start of the pandemic last year we set up our Buddy Crew which was to help minimise the effect of loneliness.

Our volunteers made weekly phone calls to a number of VIP’s for a friendly chat. Some have even shared walks together when restrictions have allowed.

Service coordinator (and Buddy Crew volunteer) Rachael Ross has been updating our volunteers and VIP’s involved with our Buddy Crew initiative to see how this service has helped some of our community through the last year. And how it is continuing to help some of our patrons.

Our VIP’s have told us things like “it was so helpful to have a normal conversation on a weekly basis in amongst it all” and “I hadn’t left home for over a year and my buddy helped me build confidence for those first visits out to the shops and to the market.”

We have also been told how these chats “helped me get through winter”.

It’s heartwarming to hear how our vision of social connection has helped people get through such a difficult time.

Sometimes, all a person needs is a friendly ear with no strings attached. And this is true with, or without a pandemic.

We are continuing to support our community as we strive to improve our social and cultural connections.