Welcome to our new website www.ourpca.uk.

Thank you to everyone who has helped get this up and running. Especially to TEA Websites. It is no mean feat and takes a lot of dedication.

The website is to coincide with our transformation from Pewsey Community Coronavirus Assistance (PCCA) to Positive Community Action (PCA) as we are now a registered Community Interest Company.

Our services originated at the beginning of the pandemic, now they have evolved with the changes and needs within our community.

We continue to deliver radical, grass roots solutions to combat hunger, food waste, malnutrition, loneliness and cultural deprivation in Wiltshire; bridging the gap by coming together and reaching out to isolated and marginalised rural communities.

PCA is run entirely by volunteers who all work very hard to provide help and support to those who need it. We have dedicated teams who spend a lot of time and effort developing and executing the services to fit the local needs of our neighbours.

Your continued support is still very much appreciated, and with your help we can keep up the positive social connectivity we established during the height of the pandemic.

The handles on all of our socials have also changed – so please look for us on @ourpca