That’s a lot of cooking!!

This month our cooks have hit an amazing milestone. 3000 meals have been cooked and delivered to members of our community.

I think everyone will agree that’s an awesome achievement which shows much dedication by all volunteers on the Community Meals Team. There’s a lot of effort which goes into the provision of these meals; the shopping, prepping, cooking and delivering to our HQ in time for deliveries on Friday mornings.

Throughout the pandemic and beyond our cooks have never failed to impress with their variety, creativity and reliability. They have pulled out the stops each week to make sure that those who need a nutritious home-cooked meal are receiving one. For some of these recipients, this is the main meal of the week and our drivers may be the only friendly face they see all week.

Malnutrition and isolation can lead to physical and mental health problems – our Community Meals help to address these problems. It is not just about food poverty, many recipients (or their families) give us a suggested £3 donation for their meals although this is only if it is affordable and is not mandatory. All of our services are free, however we gladly accept donations when possible.

Without such donations and the generosity of businesses and individuals we couldn’t continue. Without volunteers we couldn’t continue. So, a big, heartfelt thank you to all involved.

Over the years we’ve had professional chefs joining our volunteer team from Mindful Bakes and The Waterfront.

VE day saw us bake and deliver over 600 cupcakes to help our VIP’s (Vulnerable Isolating Persons) celebrate the 70th anniversary.

During lockdowns we helped 2 of our wonderful VIP’s celebrate their 100th birthdays in style by providing the catering. Local businesses KitCat & Flo and Around The World also contributed with flowers and balloons.

When community pulls together there is no end to achievements which can be fulfilled. Coming together helps ease the burdens we may be facing. It is as important as ever to keep these social connections going. They make so much difference to people’s lives. It gives a sense of inclusivity and shows the most vulnerable that people do actually care.

Our cooks do an amazing job each week, along with the dispatch team and admin. If you think you could commit to helping us we are always massively welcoming to extra pairs of hands. The more that come together, the less work is involved. It is such a satisfying and privileged position to be involved in making other peoples lives a little easier. Please enquire at or sign up on our volunteers page. We would really love to hear from you.

Alternatively, if you are more cash lucrative, then your donations can really help too, we rely on these contributions to cover the costs of our service to the community.

In the meantime let’s join together in celebrating the wonderful job our Community Meals Team do. Thank you all xx.