A Beacon of Resilience

Four Years On

In the heart of uncertainty, when the world grappled with fear and isolation, Pewsey Community Coronavirus Assistance (PCCA) emerged as a beacon of hope. What began as a response to an unprecedented crisis swiftly transformed into a testament to human compassion and collective strength. 

The tireless efforts of nearly 300 volunteers—each a thread in the fabric of community resilience—wove a safety net for worried residents. PCCA’s phone lines became lifelines, connecting isolated individuals to compassionate listeners. Medications were delivered, groceries collected, and masks sewn—all acts of kindness that transcended mere assistance. 

But PCCA was more than logistics and tasks. It was about the warmth of a friendly voice, the reassurance of knowing someone cared. It was the dog-walking team that eased the burden for vulnerable neighbours and the digital library team that nourished minds hungry for distraction.

“Socially Connected”—our rallying cry—stood in defiance of social distancing. It symbolised the unwavering bond between neighbours, strangers turned friends, and a community that refused to crumble. 

As we reflect on those challenging days, let us remember not only the statistics but also the countless stories of resilience, compassion, and unwavering support. PCCA taught us that even in the darkest times, humanity shines brightest when we stand together. 

As the needs of our community evolved, so did we and we became Positive Community Action. 

🌟 Our dedicated team of amazing volunteers works tirelessly every day! In March alone, they contributed over 390 hours—making us one of the largest grassroots volunteer groups in the South West. 🙌 

🌟 #CommunityHeroes

🍽 Our Friendship Cafe is a hit on Saturdays and our BURP (Basic Universal Resource Plan) supports those facing income loss or financial struggles during the Cost of Living Crisis. 

🥦 The Foodshare Initiative, a pioneering scheme which sees surplus food re-distributed from supermarkets and saves thousands of trays of good food from going to waste. The Buddy Crew offer friendly chats for the isolated and our Community Meals provide nutritious home cooked meals for the more vulnerable members of our community.

🚌 We’re working hard to launch our Community Bus and rely on community goodwill. We urgently need a safe parking space – can anyone assist us in this?

🚍 Volunteer Drivers Needed: Join us in moving this project forward. Stay tuned for our recruitment drive! 

🌟 Our journey since 2020 has been filled with growth and learning. Generosity from people like you has inspired us every step of the way. If you’re considering volunteering, reach out—we have diverse opportunities that match various skills. 

Here’s to every volunteer who steps forward, and to the spirit of community that defies the odds. Our shared experiences continue to inspire acts of kindness, long after the pandemic has faded into memory. PCA’s journey from crisis to community showcases the power of positive action. Through the dedication of volunteers and the support of the community, PCA has not only provided essential assistance but also fostered social connection, creativity, and hope. If you’re considering volunteering, join PCA and make a difference in the lives of those in need.

Welcome aboard! 🤝🌟