Easter Sunday Update

PCA Daily News

Daily Update – SUNDAY 12/04/20

So how have you spent your Sunday?

Some of the volunteers have shared photographs of where they’ve walked and what they’ve seen today.

We’ve been taking advantage of the gorgeous weather to get out for some exercise before tucking into some Easter eggs.

What have you been up to? We’d love to see your photos and we’ll share the best ones on one of Tuesday’s posts.

This has been PCCA’s first week of full operation, with all coordinators in place and an organized rota of volunteers helping with shopping and deliveries, as well as monitoring the phones.

We anticipate getting busier and of course it is likely the Government will be making some statements this week, as we are in the third week of lockdown.

PCCA will continue working with the greater Pewsey community and providing you with as much assistance as we can.

Don’t forget to post your Easter Sunday photos!

And if you need any assistance, please call or email the PCCA on 01672 487 022 or info@ourpca.uk