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Our advice team have been busy making some guidance notes on a variety of subjects this week.

If you have been recently unemployed or furloughed, or are an employer who has to make these difficult redundancies due to Covid19 then National Careers Service have specific advice and redeployment initiatives in place to help you.

They are offering direct support to those employees and employers, so it may be worth taking a look.

Price Gouging is also on our list tonight, where prices for goods in high demand are heavily inflated. It is good to report this bad practice where possible. The link below can help with this and, indeed if you have been affected by these price hikes:

Health and Well Being.

The is with us every step of the way not just for treating the pandemic but for all other ailments too.

If you are worried about the virus or feeling unsafe or frightened – do check out their website page below: tips/?WT.tsrc=Search&WT.mc_id=Corona&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIqvGG3LyS6QIVjO3tCh3zLQ3KEAAYASAAEgKSYfD_BwE

You will find many tips to keep you strong during this difficult time as well as links to many communities and groups that may help if you need someone to talk to.

Please remember that our Pewsey Community group is also here to help you – do contact us if you need any kind of help; if you are scared and alone; if you feel you need support; or help filling out forms 01672 487022 or email

Please also register at to access our services. If you, or someone you know doesn’t have access to the internet then please phone 01672 487022

We are here to help.