Love our Community

Since February is the month for love we would like to show our love and gratitude to all those involved in OurPCA community.

Our volunteers have shown themselves to be reliable, committed and passionate in the fight against poverty and loneliness. Time and again they have come up with practical and creative solutions to help the more vulnerable in our society.

Our volunteers are also conscious about green issues and in January distributed 105 trays of food which would otherwise have gone to landfill. This is good food which could be near use by date, but more generally it is surplus bakery or end of line frozen produce. Without the efforts of our volunteers this food would get thrown away.

To continue providing our services in a sustainable manner we rely on donations from the public. We need to keep covering costs, such as rent and other expenses like fuel and fresh ingredients for our Community Meals Initiative, so thanks to all who contribute where they can. It does help make a difference to other people’s lives.

We also receive some funding via grants; the support and understanding we receive from these sponsors, along with the financial help are a big boost to our grass roots organisation.

We have behind the scenes volunteers who spend hours applying for these funds and collating data to help keep our organisation tangible, so it is always encouraging when we see these efforts are recognised.

So, to all of our contributors, this is our Valentine’s to you. Thank you on behalf of all we help.

To our future contributors, Welcome onboard.

Anyone who is compassionate and organised and would like to get involved please get in touch. Artists, artisans, admins and automobile experts we want you all…